Sunday, April 16, 2006

Prompt Party

Tonight we had a Prompt Party. Below are the prompts we used, along with a few of the answers we got.

But first a few links to help you find more prompts:

Renee-mod: Prompt 1: While Cooter is painting his favorite goat's toenails, Jethro walks up and says...."

Audrey: "You two got a hot date tonight?"

georganna: Opened a beauty shop, I see.

gary: that won't help you get lucky, cooter!

Linda_hutch: She looks perdy, Cooter. Where ya takin' her later?


Renee-mod: Prompt 2: Write a sentence with the following words, or what they make you think of: BROOM, SWAYING, PLOP

gary: I tried to plop on the floor, but that swaying broom made it very uncomfortable.

georganna: The grasshopper landed on the swaying broom plant, then jumped to the window with a loud plop!

Linda_hutch: Mama'll plop that broom on your backside if she catches you swaying from the chandelier!

maruxa: The witch on the swaying broom finally went plop into the heart of the volcano.


Renee-mod: Prompt 3: Write a sympathy card for a recent hemorrhoid surgery survivor.

georganna: Hope it all came out well in the end!

writeit: Sorry about the bum - bum.

maruxa: Sorry about your seat. Hope you sit well soon.

Patty: Sorry to hear you've been cut in your precious and beautiful butt hope things are well it must have hurt like hell

AC_Croom: So glad you had your attitude problem corrected. Get well soon! :)


Renee-mod: Prompt 4: Finish this sentence: As she walked along the shore...

LadyRebecka: She thought of the way things had ended. She looked into the waves and then ran toward them.

Linda_hutch: the puppy nipped at her ankles, making her smile again.

AC_Croom: As she walked along the shore, the gulls in flight, the waves crashing beside her, her only thought was for Jeffry. Bold, beautiful Jeffry.

Patty: As she walked along the shore, she felt the salt water breathe life into her once again.


Renee-mod: Prompt 5: Describe an apple to someone who has never seen one.

Linda_hutch: Like a woman who is not "pear" shaped, the apple is rounded, full of sweetness.

maruxa: You know Newton? It broke his head. Little round red thing that obeys the law of gravity.

Patty: Round and shiny, with a broken stem that once gave it life; shines in the sun and tastes like crisp sweetness on a fall day.

LadyRebecka: smooth to the touch, and delight to the taste buds


Renee-mod: Prompt 6: Explain how you brush your teeth, without using the words: TEETH BRUSH WATER

LadyRebecka: Put some gel on the bristles and rub gently against your pearly whites.

mandyvan: Use the dentifrice to scrub your canines and molars. Rinse with liquid.

maruxa: You put that thing in your mouth and move it all around. Then you rinse.

AC_Croom: I fill my cup and drop a tablet in with my dentures!


Renee-mod: Prompt 7: Write a card of congratulations for someone whose dog has just made it through potty training.

LadyRebecka: Way to go. Think of all the poop you no longer have to scoop off the carpet

writeit: Congrats! Spot is now spot free. Hope there are no more peemergencies!

maruxa: (this one is close to home) Wow, you're a winner! Can I borrow your pooper-scooper?

Patty: Congratulations on your success of teaching your dog where he should mess!


Renee-mod: Prompt 8: Finish this sentence: When ever I smell _____....

showmeguy: your breath, i want to barf.

maruxa: fried chicken, I'm home again.

AC_Croom: When ever I smell your perfume, it drives me to new heights.

writeit: Whenever I smell gas, I know it's really you, Honey. Stop blaming the dog!


Renee-mod: Prompt 9: An alien has just landed in your flower garden and is experiencing his first allergic reaction. What do you say when he sneezes a glob of ___?___ on your cat?

LadyRebecka: Thanks I wanted that cat gone.

maruxa: Sic' em, Fluffy!

Patty: Excuse me, you just sneezed a gob of green slime on my cat Max...please take the cat out of your mouth and wipe the slime off him!

writeit: Ha Ha! You give us the litter box, we give you the alien goo!


Renee-mod: Prompt 10: You have invented something that's going to make you Stinking Rich! What is it? And how does it work?

maruxa: A do-it-yourself skunk deodorizer!

showmeguy: A Thermo-Nuclear Blender

Patty: A gas-deactivator for all the men of the world - woman will rush to the store in droves to buy them! (sorry guys - little male bashing)

AC_Croom: In a word ladies and gentlemen, ROBOFEED! That's right, robofeed, the only product on the market today to release you from the everyday chore of feeding you pet. Once a day, Twice a day, no's ROBOFEED! 3 EASY INSTALLMENTS OF 9.95 BILLED DIRECTLY TO YOUR EX-HUSBAND OR EX-WIFE!


Renee-mod: Prompt 11: Make a sentence using these words, or what they make you think of: KOOLAID, FROG, SHIMMY

mandyvan: After I made Koolaid for the kids, I saw a frog shimmy out of the washing machine.

maruxa: The frog was drinking coolaid--the lady shimmied down to kiss him and got drenched.

Patty: I watched a frog shimmy and slip down from the tree just to have a taste of orange koolaid.

Audrey: The frog gagged and shimmied across the table. The Princess yelled "I told you to wait until I put sugar in the KoolAid!"


Renee-mod: Prompt 12: Write a sympathy card for someone who has a ridiculous problem.

maruxa: Come on, now, you're not that sick--it's just a pimple. Hope this card finds you well and out of surgery.

AC_Croom: Yeah brother, you made it into the gang, but did you have to get yourself shot in the azz to do it?

LadyRebecka: My dearest friend, I am so sorry that you are unable to eat your pillow. My suggestion would be large marshallows.

showmeguy: Deepest sympathy on the Book of the Month Club's rejection of your membership application

Audrey: So sorry about your disability. But don't worry, nose hair CAN be clipped.

Patty: Sorry you had a boob job gone bad; maybe three boobies isn't so bad!


Renee-mod: Prompt 13: Finish this sentence: Purple clouds of...

Audrey: Purple clouds of exhaust rolled out from the magic bus.

writeit: Purple clouds of happiness fill my mind with ease.

AC_Croom: Purple clouds of organic waste fouled the air for miles after the two trains collided.

mandyvan: Purple clouds of dust filled the air at the ash sprinkling ceremony of Barney the Dinosaur upon my son's fifth birthday.


Renee-mod: Prompt 14: Skeeter is showing off his new tattoo to his best girl Shirley. She says, "....

Patty: "My my skeeter, how ever did she put that dragon on your tiny little diddly?"

mandyvan: "You thought my name was Surely? As in Surely, she'll do anything?"

Audrey: "Skeeter! My name isn't spelled "surely!"

LadyRebecka: Why does that say, "Squirrely?"


Renee-mod: Prompt 15: Finish this thought: Master Phillip enters the room. His butler greets him with a slight bow, then nervously hands him a small, black velvet, box.

LadyRebecka: Phillip takes the box and strolls into his study. He closes the door and walks to his desk. He sits and holds the box as if wishing would make it go away. Finally he opens it. To his horror there is his wife's finger with her dainty pinkie ring splatter

Audrey: "Jeeves, not a real diamond! This is just a one-night stand!"

AC_Croom: Thank you Geeves, the ring in this box will grace the finger of the dearest lady in the county.

Patty: I don't know...its a dog whistle....for the baying hounds outside.....they've all run amuck


Renee-mod: Prompt 16: Describe the taste of strawberries to someone who has no sense of taste.

showmeguy: a tart rainbow in your mouth

Patty: You bite into a hairy bristly thing, and its sweet and sour and mushy. (I hate strawberries)

writeit: They're tasteless...well...for you, anyway.


Renee-mod: Prompt 17: Booney comes home from work. Trish is sitting in the floor, her hair is plastered to her face and upper torso with what looks like pink cake icing. He looks around the room and sees more of the pink stuff covering everything. She looks him in the eye and says, "...

writeit: welcome home

Audrey: "I baked you a cake. Want some?"

LadyRebecka: I had the cake for your mother already and that damned dog came barging in. Just look at this place.

showmeguy: 'It's all your fault", slamming the door as she leaves the room.

AC_Croom: Not a word ya hear me....If you hadwired the dang garbage disposal right none of this would have happened!


Renee-mod: Prompt 18: Write a greeting card for someone who has just been served with divorce papers.

writeit: Congratulations!

maruxa: Oh, my dear, I always wanted to do this! Congratulations!

LadyRebecka: Congrats! You're free at at last.

Audrey: Congratulations! Your slavery has been abolished!

showmeguy: Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, free at last

AC_Croom: You think the party's over, Well it's not....You'll meet a new gal, that's twice as hot!

Patty: Glad to hear your misery has ended. I hope with my joy, you are not offended. Just want to say, he was just a bad dude who took all your money and ate all the food.


Renee-mod: Prompt 19: Write a Marketing Slogan for recycling dog poop, and turning it into energy.

LadyRebecka: Poop that packs a whallop...recycle here

Audrey: Your dog goes...and so does your car!

maruxa: Pooper Scoopers United! We're cleaning up here!

writeit: Canine Combustibles - Light a Fire Under Your A**

showmeguy: Cash For Crap


Renee-mod: Prompt 20: There is an empty folding chair at the lake shore. There are a pair of flip flops, sunglasses, a cooler full of water, and several beer and potted meat cans abandoned nearby. What is the story?

maruxa: Shark attack!

LadyRebecka: Butch looked out the window when he saw the mess his son left on the beach he bellowed. Not getting an answer he went to his son's room to find it empty the bed not slept in. Butch began to panic.

AC_Croom: John and Janet had enjoyed as much of the beautiful lake view as they could stand. After his 6th beer, John led Janet into the woods and they made gentle passionate love for hours.

Patty: He jumped in feet first and felt the cold water with a burst He plugged his nose and dove down deep where he lived with the fish and dreamed about sheep


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