Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Will you make it as a writer?

Holly Lisle's name comes up often in chats. She's one of those people who knows the business, and gives good advice. I ran across an article on her site that I just had to share.

How to Tell Who WON'T Make It in Writing

"And I've discovered something important. I couldn't in a million years tell you who among those thousands of hopeful writers will eventually succeed. But I can tell you in about five minutes which writers are guaranteed to fail.

"The guaranteed failures among writerdom carry their amateur beliefs and attitudes and methods like a bad perfume - an ever-present cloud of Eau de Doom that rolls off of their bodies and wafts into the noses of publishers and editors who might otherwise be interested in the writer's work, sending the pros fleeing to green rooms and bathrooms to escape."

That's not the perfume you're wearing, is it? If you're not sure, better run at full speed to Holly's site and read the rest of the article!



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