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Quick Promos and Blog links at the begining of the chat
Humor E-zine :
Renee's blog:
Audrey's blogs:
Linda's blogs:
"Be a Successful Writer!" at
Find daily writing tips at Writer's Edge (Georganna's)blog:
Glenn's Writer's Group:

Shared Links:

Character Development worksheet bills itself as the world's greatest encyclo-diction-almanac-apedia
writer's encyclopedia

best glossary of magazine industry:
journal of newspaper industry:
articles for book writers
databases for book writers: also publishes PublishersLunch daily newsletter about the industry Statistics Every Writer Should Know Daily emails of markets and contests.
httP:// this is aforum for screenwriters, screenwriter classes, tips for screenwriters, and review by other screenwriters.
Contracts for a magazine article
Contracts for A web article
Contracts for An anthology story
Trade book publishing agreement checklist
This is a great site for writers to come together. We have forumns and
private critique group. We currently have an opening in my group - Prose
Nest . I would love to see some of you there.

Worksheet for authors, to figure out your marketing plan. Gaiman's Journal A Site containing many wonderful things National Writers Union
I would expect everyone to know about (Writer's Market) and (Writer's Digest) and its commercial database at Copyright info. Copyright info Another source, "Legal Lexicon's Lyceum," one of the best Internet Law Dictionaries, is available at
Writer Circle - A great article
for anyone who wonders if internet marketing is worth it. - A great article on how
to promote your blog, for free.

What to do after your work is accepted and is in print. Here is a link that may help some promote their work. This is a great place to have your work critiqued. The site works on a points system, I've yet to post and not have at least 8 people critique. The people there are usually very helpful.
American Society of Journalists and Authors

Ivan Hoffman's Website Editors and Preditors - All writers LaRocca’s Site.
Loads of free information for writers. Articles with lots of information for writers. Crime Scene Writer Free Q&A service, lots of categories to choose from, volunteers answer your questions

Book tv, C-SPAN2......Today I watched as writers of both fiction and non-fiction pitched their books before signings and during interviews...a way to see what life is after you are published.

Info and Markets Absolute Write Writers Weekly Hope’s newsletters Fiction Factor Anthology markets demo of ebook editor Free "Office" alternative

This is a list of the newspapers around the US...along with contact info US Newspapers
Resources for grants: - The Foundation Center - The National Endowment for the Arts - The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies - Look under grants.
This is an automated critique machine AutoCrit

Perhaps you think you could write better television dramas yourself. If so, check out this website:
Turn some of life’s mysteries into fiction for Over My Dead
Body at: writing links, and resources on the web
For writing prompts I want to mention Christine Senter at and Milli Thornton at

Please check the Chatroom Schedule at for information on
upcoming guests and writing-related chat topics. Future guests include Mary
Roach, Hope Clark, Stephen Spignesi, Tim Bete, J. Thomas Callahan, Kelsy
George, Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell and others.

Visit our Previous Guests page to catch up on what you've missed. And on the Products page you will find some great recommendations. Please use our links to buy, and help support the chatroom!

These two sites are invaluable to me times. Get Organized Now Forum Fly Lady
This link has Reviews of Writing Books
Daily Writing Prompts
Writers Free Reference --free information

Gotham Writers' Workshop
The Onion
Smart Markets and Contests
Ryze Business Networking
Maureen’s website, Moonspinners Writer’s Page, Etymology and history of first names. Browse by Masucline/Feminine, English, Arabic names, Italian names, etc... Largest database of US and Canadian periodicals
Holidays and Observances
This is a directory of free WIFI hotspots
Here's a Free Press Release

Fix your fiction at Fiction Fix
Deb's Historical Resource page a website that is full of this woman's research...incredible
Strunk Jr., Elements of Style
This is an Online Library

Another prompt site Imagination Prompt
Links and Resources
English Grammar
Creative Writing Directory
Java Script word count We'd like for The Writer's Chatroom to be one-stop shopping for writers. We'd also like to make that list next year! Hope’s newsletters
for genre writers there's
A good article on blog promotion, for free.
There is a series of articles written by Richard Hoy at that talks about blogs and how to submit them to the search engines.
Audrey: The info I gave in our last blog/rss chat is now on the Education page as downloadable PDF files. American Medical
Association home page. more medical info Check out the Published Clips page. The list is finally getting long enough to be worth listing.
My own insane lists are here ...

Visit our Previous Guests page to catch up on what you've missed. And on the Products page you will find some great
recommendations. Please use our links to buy, and help support the chatroom!

Our chatroom team:
Audrey Shaffer – Chatroom Moderator and Guest Scheduler
Linda Hutchinson – Moderator, Researcher and Bio Writer
Renee Barnes – Moderator
Glenn Walker -
Chatroom Moderator and Guest Scheduler


At 12:58 PM, Blogger Georganna Hancock said...

Good job editing the transcript, Renee. That must have been hard! Just wanted to reiterate my offer of a large, organized list of useful links for writers. Email me at WritersEdge [at] with a request.

At 12:44 AM, Anonymous Christine Senter said...

NayNay, would you please add my site to this list?

At 12:44 AM, Anonymous Christine Senter said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 12:46 AM, Anonymous Christine said...

Oops, nevermind. Guess I shouldn't try to read so fast. LOL

At 3:16 PM, Blogger Saira Naz said...

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At 7:13 AM, Anonymous Crude Oil Trading Tips said...

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