Monday, August 07, 2006

26 Free How-To Articles About Writing

Easy Way to Write Articles

You may freely copy and paste any of these articles into your own newsletter, website, emails - as long as you include the URL. Thank you!

How To Make A Living As A Writer OR Advice Your Mother Wouldn't Give You!
Point of View in Fiction - What's Right and What's Wrong
7 Secrets of Success
How to Get Published
How to Write Fantasy Fiction
How to Get Published
Give Fiction Characters Some Attitude
Help Yourself to Success
Locations in Fiction
Finding Your Unique Voice
The Secret Ingredient to Your Writing
Writing - QED
Objectivity and Writing - Or - How An Author Disappears From View
Make Your Writing Sparkle
Romance Writing
Romance Writing That Publishers Want
Attitude - Your Secret WeaponBecoming a Better Writer - A 10 Step Guide
Fiction - What to Leave Out!
What Writers Think and How They Feel
Writing is a Life Long Sentence!
I Can't Put It Down - How to Write Compelling Fiction
Why Fiction Matters
Finding the Genuis Within - A Writer's GuideWhat To Look For In A Writing Mentor
What To Do When You Get There - A Beginner's Guide To Success
The Pursuit of Fame - A Writer's GuideThe Surprise Ending - Expect the Unexpected
Description in Fiction - How Does it Work


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