Sunday, March 16, 2008

Do You Wannabe Like Jordan (Dane, that is)?

We’ve certainly had some great comments during each stop of the Virtual Book Tour for Jordan Dane.

Why was she chosen to be our first vic … I mean featured author? Because she has a very professional website. Because she has a very professional blog. Because she has a presence on MySpace and other networking sites around the ‘Net. Because she attends every writer’s conference she can possibly get to to network with successful writers, editors, agents. Because she promotes herself as a professional writer.

She isn’t resting on her laurels after having sold SIX books to Avon HarperCollins before the first one hit print.

If you’re like me and wannabe like Jordan, take a look at how you’re promoting yourself. Does your website look like a novice put it together? Do you remember to blog more than once a month? Do you network with other writers?

Or do you do like too many very good should-be-published writers … and hunker down in the corner pretending that you’ve done everything you can and the publishing world and all its agents are against you?

Think about that as you visit the next stops on The Writer’s Chatroom’s “Show—Not Tell” virtual book tour featuring debut author Jordan Dane. Jordan and Avon HarperCollins are offering opportunities to win great prizes all along the tour.

Next up:
March 19 Cricket Sawyer at
March 22 Diana Castilleja at

Give yourself every advantage to learn from this marketing dynamo—who just happens to also be a very good writer—and read the interviews and comments at previous stops:

Billie Williams at
Linda J. Hutchinson at
Kim Richards at
Lisa Haselton at

And don’t forget to come to the “Launch P-A-R-T-Y!” on March 30th! There are prizes galore!

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