Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Comic books to end the war on terror!

Okay, that might be pushing it a bit. But there is a new comic series out there that could make a difference. (Reference Newsweek story)

"The 99" is a new superhero comic series. (Download the first issue here.) Just like any other superhero series, some are good and some are bad. One side wants world peace, the other wants world domination. "The 99" is X-Men or Justice League, Muslim style.

Yes, I said Muslim. "The 99" is based on Muslim history and traditions. The superheros are based on the 99 attributes of Allah. Examples: Jabbar is a Hulk-like figure of enormous strength; Noora has power over light; Darr is the inflictor of pain; Raqib is the watcher.

"The 99"'s website says : "When the Tigris River turned black with ink from the books of Baghdad's greatest library, 99 mystical gem stones were used to absorb the knowledge... and then were thought to be lost forever. These mystical gems -- known as the Noor Stones -- have now been discovered centuries later, as 99 heroes unlock the powers within them. A lone scholar dedicates his life to uniting these gem bearers as a force for good: THE 99! But is he up to the challenge when the first gem bearer has the power to level a city with a sneeze?"

Personally, I think anything that helps the east and west understand each other better is a good thing. And all lasting change begins by changing the ideas children grow up with. Maybe there is a Noor Stone to end Jihad. Let's hope so.


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