Friday, February 02, 2007

I love a happy editor!

I’ve been writing monthly articles for a national construction publication for almost a year and a half. I write about concrete and asphalt, heavy equipment, roads, turnpikes, bridges, and mud. Occasionally I’ll showcase a major player in the constuction industry.

I also preach to new writers about how important it is to proofread their work from the pulpit of The Writer’s Chatroom.

This came in an email about fifteen minutes after turning in this month’s story:


I just finished reading your Brent Spence story. It was an easy with no errors. Really nice work...just wanted to say that. I look forward to the photos.


The story wasn’t difficult to write. I like writing about bridges, especially old bridges. They just seem to have character, something most freeways lack.

Here’s proof that it’s important to proofread! And a happy editor usually equates to more assignments-and more income. (And everyone who knows me knows that I like money.)



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