Friday, May 25, 2007

Martha Ingram and Her Empire

Having spent ten years in and around Nashville, TN, I'm well aware of what socialite Martha Ingram and her family do and have done for the community. Ms. Ingram is a beautiful woman, full of graceful southern charm, whose name is on most charity event planners attendee wish lists. Her picture shows up regularly on the society pages of The Tennessean. Go ahead, check it out.

As writers you are probably familiar with Ingram Publishing. They are in the top three of book distributors worldwide. Are your books available through them? If they aren't, they certainly should be! (This one little detail should be enough to get writers to stop paying crappola vanity/subsidy publishers.)

If you've managed to have your books available through Ingram, did you know there is a phone number for authors who want to know: how many books are in stock, how many sold last week, etc.?

Please don't call unless you are a legitimate author whose book(s) is/are actually distributed by Ingram. I'm sure the person(s) who answer the phone(s) doesn't need his/her time wasted frivolously. 615.213.6803

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