Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Writers keep learning that they need to learn more things. And, in some cases, buy things or services. Where do you turn for advice?

Nobody wants to get ripped off, but research takes time away from writing. How do you find out the best products for your career? Who can you trust?

Hopefully, you trust us. Believe me, I've spent the hours researching products and companies. And we've learned a lot of dos and don'ts by making expensive mistakes ourselves. Let us save you the time and money.

If you're looking for information and/or classes to take, you will find a lot of help on our Tools and Resources pages. (I try to keep them current. If you run across a dead link, please let me know!) You can also find contests to enter on our Contests page.

We try to help with those products and services that cost money, too. You'll find tips for website hosting, domain names, promotional products and much more on our Products page.

Before anyone screams at me, yes, those are affiliate links. If you buy from those links, TWC gets a small percentage of the price. That's how we keep this site free.

But making money isn't why we recommend those products. There are a LOT of products out there that pay high prices for clicks, but they aren't products we would spend money on. We have done the research and made the mistakes, and picked the products we think are best. THEN, after we decide they are a good product, I look for an affiliate program.

So when you see a link on our site, you can feel confident that it's been checked out, it's for real, and it's the best value we've found.

And, by using our links to buy, you can help keep all the information on this site free.

Thank you!


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At 9:36 PM, Anonymous janet glaser said...

WOW! just checked the info in the blog. I really appreciate your hard work in finding all these helpful sites and products for us.


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