Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Paying Market

A market suggestion for our readers. Vision Magazine is looking for reviews of books or websites for writers. From the call for submissions:

"Is there a resource you go back to frequently for research, because the writing articles are especially informative, or because the market information is up-to-date and reliable? Share your favorites so other writers can benefit. Our greatest need in the review section is for web sites, but we are also interested in reviews of writing books and products. For the September-October issue, we currently need both a book and web site review."

A web site you return to for information? Gee, how often do you come here? And what keeps bringing you back?

There are a lot of sites/books for writers that you might like to review for this PAYING market. Occasionally, it can be helpful to ask questions of the site owner. You know, if anyone ever needed to ask me any questions, I would be more than happy to answer!

Again, from the call for submissions:
"Review Caveats: The reviews must be for web sites, blogs, products, or books that aid in the process of writing whether through providing world building information, writing techniques, marketing resources, or other writing-oriented information. The review can focus on a single site, product, or book, or provide a comparison of resources available around a specific topic. However, you must not have any affiliation with the resources you review. This is to share resources, not for advertising.

"The back issues of Vision are available online. To see previous offerings click here: To see if a book or website has already been reviewed, use this search:

"Query or submit articles to Vision AT lazette DOT net and reviews to margaretfisk AT fmwriters DOT com.Full guidelines can be found here: "

Go share resources, and get paid!

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