Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Critiques, Anyone?

Man, I need to be careful what I ask for! The TWC Spotlight just came out yesterday morning, but readers have swamped my inbox with comments and suggestions. It's pretty clear that my original idea (to do a one-page critique in the Spotlight each month) isn't going to touch the demand. It looks like nearly EVERYBODY wants me to slice them up...I mean, give them a critique. lol

While I get ready for my trip and sort through all your suggestions, I'm considering moving this idea to the Forum and doing something weekly or semi-monthly. I'll let you know more in a couple weeks.

Some people have made other good suggestions for TWC Spotlight changes. The team is discussing these, and you may see some other changes in future issues.

Speaking of the Spotlight, do you realize you can get YOUR name in there too? We're always interested in articles. We can't afford to pay yet, but we are a published clip, and we give a generous bio box with links. (Submission Guidelines)

People commented that they enjoy our book reviews, and would like to see more. So if you write reviews, take a look at the Schedule page. Have you written a review for any of our upcoming guests? If you'd like another place to post it, I'd like to see it. Again, we offer a bio box with links.

Right now the Spotlights are archived here but it's not the best set-up. I'm working on moving the archive to our own site where the Spotlights will be easier to find and read.

Lots of work to do! But first, I'm going to have fun in tonight's Open Chat. Then I'm going to pack my clothes and go away for the weekend.

Have a great Fourth!


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At 11:20 PM, Blogger Lisa Logan said...

If you're interested in having guest critiquers, maybe you could feature a couple of us oldtimers and lighten your load. Since I edit for a pub, I'd be willing to do a guest crit. Let me know!


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