Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is there relief from a turkey coma?

To those in the United States, let me wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

This time of year can be extremely stressful for some folks, especially writers who need their quiet time to write. Those working on their NANOWRIMO stories are feeling the effects of either pulling into the homestretch or falling behind. The biggest question on our minds is: How do we concentrate on our characters, our worlds and ideas with nosey family poking their heads in and the onset of a turkey-coma?

I say don't worry about it. Don't try. You deserve a day off--ONE day off. So before I turn you loose on the relatives, here's my list of the ten things this author is thankful for.

10. The turkey coma. Yep, you read that corretly. Hey, we all could use a nap now and then. It helps the mind work on those plot problems.
9. The yard's done and the house clean for guests which means we have all week off from it next week. I'm going to use THAT time to write.
8. Leftovers are great. No cooking, just munching for the next several days. I do enjoy being a bum sometimes.
7. Getting to bore family and friends with talk about my books, my current story and other ideas. Yes, it's an evil thing to do. Grin.
6. Sleeping in! (See #10)
5. Lounging on the couch with both cats and some steaming coffee while watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV. There's just something about being all warm while watching other people freeze their butts off.
4. Okay, yes, I'm thankful for my computer and all my nifty software. I'm so lost without you.
3. My chat buddies who put up with my bad jokes, bad moods and overall bossiness. You couldn't get rid of me if you tried.
2. My sweet, sweet husband who encourages me to write. Everybody needs one of those.
1. I can read something for enjoyment. Now if I can figure out which one in this To Be Read pile.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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