Wednesday, December 02, 2009

What's a writer to do for the holidays?

December is here! It's time to relax, right? No way! Sure all the holiday preparations need your time and attention but don't let your pitiful writing time vanish completely. It'll be harder to start back up "the habit" in the new year. What I'm suggesting is to cut back but not completely. Better yet, redirect your energies.

Use the atmosphere and nostalgia of the holidays to write holiday stories, craft articles (and give away your samples as gifts), winter themed-scenes. Hey, want to know what it feels like to be out in the cold in your shorts? Just step out the back door for a minute. Sure it's too late to submit those pieces but there's always next year's holiday season. Take advantage of the time trapped indoors to work up stories and articles you can sell in the summertime. It makes sense, right? What a great gift to give yourself!

Speaking of gifts. As writers, we have the ability to do something special for our friends and family. It's perfect for the writer who is slim on money right now. Give the gift of your gifts. Yes, give them writing. A personalized poem, a memory written in story form or a big ole' sappy love letter. Heck even a recording or video of you reading it adds a special touch. You know this person: their habits, favorites, dislikes. You can craft something to touch their hearts like no other writer can. Print it up on some fancy holiday paper and there you go!

Use family gatherings to tape record members. Interview them, or ask them to tell a favorite memory. Guess what? It's great stuff for your own memory book or to use next year.
On the surface all these things seem too easy and very obvious but they're the little things we forget to make use of in our lives. Perhaps they're too easy and ovious that our minds skip over them in the search for something perfect to give.

So, attention. Santa's helper, Kim says to sit down and start writing.

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At 9:55 PM, Blogger Janet Glaser said...

What precious gifts--writing something special for a friend or family member or recording the family get togethers. These are great ideas.


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