Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wishing for Springtime

I sure wish Spring would get here! We had another dose of snow this week—as always seems to happen in April here in Ohio.

The potted plants, peat pots, and seeds are beginning to take up much space in the house and garage while we await warmer planting weather. I’ve even found myself researching bamboo, which I’m sure is some unconscious blathering deep within my soul which has reached near-screaming pitch from the need for sunshine and warmth.

I WANT to take the storm windows off and give the windows a good scrub both inside and out. The front door is in need of fresh paint—I’m thinking geranium red—but haven’t quite sold hubby on that one. The previous owners painted everything that wasn’t beige—brown. Brown just isn’t my color! Give me ruby, emerald, sapphire, garnet, even peridot or aquamarine, but don’t expect me to live with brown and like it. There are only two things I want to be devoid of color: water and diamonds. Biggie-size both, please!

Since the weather hasn’t cooperated, I’ve spent my time searching out the best guests I could find for The Writer’s Chatroom’s Celebrity Sunday chats. The lineup Audrey, Renee, and I have come up with is impressive! This Sunday will feature Jonathan Maberry, followed by Vicki M Taylor, Tim Bete, Mari Atherton, Karen Syed, Vicki Delaney, Sandra Tooley (Lee Driver), Cyndy Salzmann, Hailey Lind, Robert Walker, and Bob Avey. Hope Clark of FundsForWriters and The Shy Writer fame is a friend of the chatroom and bi-monthly guest. (For links to their sites and books, visit The Writer's Chatroom.)

I’ve also found renewed inspiration for the newbie writer’s ebook in process. Now if I could come up with a suitable title. That pesky title issue is beginning to poke holes in my dream time. If you have any ideas, let me know. Perhaps a contest is in order?

Hope your writing time and “duties” have been as productive as mine. May we all not lose that momentum when the sunshine doth finally find us.