Sunday, October 05, 2014

Crime Writing Resources

Crime writer Nancy J Cohen says "While researching my mysteries, I often need information that you can’t go around asking writer friends in public. Imagine discussing these topics in a restaurant...

"What kind of poison can I use that will kill someone right away and is easily obtainable? How can I stage a crime scene by hanging the victim to make it look like a suicide? Does firing a .38 give much of a recoil? What happens when a detective is personally involved in a murder case? What kind of poisonous snake can I have the bad guy put in my hero’s suitcase?"

No, these aren't questions you can ask in public. Not unless you want the police watching you. So where can you safely ask questions like this? How do you find out the information you need to make your stories authentic? Well, The Kill Zone is the perfect place for links.

Check out Nancy's post at . She lists 21 different websites where you can find the information you need.

Without police notice!

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