Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Time To Give Up?

How do you know when it's time to cut your losses and move on? In writing, you don't lose anything when you close a file and stick it in an obscure folder on your hard drive, never to be opened again. It's still there, if you ever decide you need it again. You've learned something from writing it that you can use in your next project. But other things take more thought.

Here at The Writer's Chatroom, we try to give you what you want. Live chats, leads on some of what we consider the best products out there, book reviews, a blog, etc.

For several years, we've had a discussion forum where you could all talk between chats. 636 people are registered, but there is very little activity there. We average 6-10 posts per week. Not per day, but per week. That is pretty much deserted for a forum.

We get over 100 registrations per day. I have to take the time to look at each one and check them against . Out of the 700-1,000 registrations per week, we get one or two real people. The rest are all spammers that I delete.

I'm chafing at the time wasted clearing spammers from a forum that has nearly no activity. I could be using that time to find more chat guests, create more workshops, set up a critique group, etc. More of the things you want to use.

What are your thoughts and opinions?