Friday, September 21, 2007

Publicity Firms and Guest Authors at TWC

I’ve had the privilege the past few months to interact with four representatives of three public relations firms while booking guests for The Writer’s Chatroom. They’ve graciously given of their time on behalf of their clients to get all the details right, set up appointments, and to donate books for the half-time door prize drawings.

Rebeca Seitz is the president of Glass Road Public Relations, LLC in Nashville, TN. She is the publicist for debut author and former Mrs. Nebraska Tosca Lee. Tosca will be our first Celebrity Sunday guest in 2008. Her book has quickly moved to the top of my TBR pile. Their motto at Glass Road is “A Novel Approach to Reflecting Your Light”.

Also with Glass Road is Danielle Douglas, whom I’ve been working with to book Dr. Gregory Spencer for September 23rd. Greg writes “of Welken”. I’m currently reading Guardian of the Veil, the second book in the series. Very interesting fantasy. The word-play is entertaining in and of itself.

PJ Nunn of BreakThrough Promotions represents our November 18th guest, Dr. Bruce Cook. I read Philippine Fever several months ago to review for FMAM, and wanted to book this author before I’d finished reading it. PJ has been wonderful to work with.,, (and you gotta love this one!) There's a Dead Guy blog

We’re planning a “first” for the chatroom in late March 2008. Debut author Jordan Dane will have three books hitting the stores in three consequtive months. More details to follow. I’m currently working out those details with Sherry Rowland of Two Sisters Promotions, LLP. I don’t have a website addy for them, but the phone number is (918) 625-6526.

I have no idea how much these firms charge their author clients, what their contracts include, or how each one operates. I do know that each of them has been exceptionally professional in representing their clients to me.

We have many other guests coming up, who have been booked without the benefit of a publicity firm. Anyone who knows us here at TWC knows we’re not the least bit snobbish about that kind of thing. We’re much more interested in bringing in guests who are entertaining, write well, and are willing to share information with our members.

I just like to give credit where credit is due. These ladies have been terrific to work with.

And, btw, I finally got my own website updated today. I’m ashamed to say how long it’s been neglected. Please don’t do as I have done! It isn't good publicity.

The first member of The Writer's Chatroom (and this will be verified!) to email me at with the names of at least four (4) upcoming Celebrity Sunday guests (who are not mentioned in this blog post) AND the name of a previous guest from at least six (6) months ago, will receive my very own, personal, copy of your choice of: A Red Dark Night by A.P. Fuchs, Blood Trail by Steven Walker, or Crimes Against Commerce by E.D. Easley. (Each of these authors is a previous guest, and you cannot name one of them.)

When emailing me, please include your signon name, your real name, the names of at least four upcoming guests, the name of a previous guest from at least six months ago, and your choice of prize. Membership will be verified by Audrey Shaffer. You must be on the signup roster for TWC announcements to be eligible. The first person to email me will be contacted for mailing address.

Remember, you can NOT name any author mentioned in this post.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Who's who in the Publishing Game

Do you ever get confused on who does what at a publishing company? Do editors edit, or do they purchase manuscripts?

Exactly who is the "publisher" and what the heck do they do?

How is the decision made on which books to buy?

Nobody explains things like the Dummies books do. Click over here, and find out who the players are at your publishing house.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The shocking truth about the slush pile

I thought the piles of unsolicited manuscripts it was my job to sift through would contain undiscovered gems. Reader, I was very wrong.

"I won an award in my reception class for writing, and ever since then I have known that it is my destiny to be a writer. I enclose the first 600 pages of my fantasy space opera."

At first, I was amused by the slush pile...

Read the rest here.