Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing

JA Konrath (Sunday's chat guest) isn't afraid to say what he thinks. On his blog, he debunks 9 of the most common myths in the writer's life. Well, he says the last one is true, but we need to know which myths are true too.

One of my favorite parts comes in Myth #4 - Writing Must Have Integrity. Konrath says:

"What? You don't want to sell out? You'd never let your precious words be touched, or write something for just for money? You really believe that the world owes you a job simply because you can put a noun and a verb together?

"I wish you much success, and hope I never have the displeasure of sitting next to you at a party."

Ah, there are so many people I would enjoy saying that to...

The rest of the post is just as good. Great advice for anyone contemplating becoming a "Writer". Read and discuss!

And don't stop with this one post either. Read them all.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The beginning of the end for returns?

"Borders to drop "sale or return" for HarperStudio book"

We all know what a problem the traditional method of book distribution can be. Is it finally changing?

If this works out and the rest of the industry can be pressured into making the change, it will mean good and bad things for authors. Expect smaller print runs, smaller advances, and more emphasis on platform building and branding.

On the plus side, royalties should be paid out more quickly, since there is no need to keep a reserve for returns. There is the potential for more opportunities for new authors, since there won't be so much money tied up in publisher's inventories.

Now it's "wait and see". This could bring book publishing/distribution into the 21st century, finally.


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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Break the Chain!

Are you tired of all those forwarded chain emails your friends keep sending? Let's try to Break The Chain.

Let me add a few things that I've learned over the years about forwarded emails:

If sending an email makes a picture pop up on your screen, it's a virus.

A program that counts how many people you forward an email to, is a virus. And it's collecting more than just email addresses.

Forwarding an email with all your friends' email addresses showing, especially if you leave all the previous email info in, is a spammer's dream. They can use or sell every email address. Learn to use BCC and clean up emails before sending.

Really think for a minute...are you sure that everyone you know WANTS to see a dancing baby, or whatever amazing jewel somebody else just dumped on you?

BEFORE you forward a scary warning, check it out with snopes or urbanlegends. Sending out something that most people know isn't true, really doesn't make you look smart. Protect your reputation!

So there it is folks. Do your part to remove junk from the world...Break The Chain!