Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sucker For A Hot Rod by Joselyn Vaughn

Sucker for a Hot Rod by Joselyn Vaughn 

I don’t read romance, but the “hot rod” caught my attention in this chatroom guest’s bio. I went to Amazon and downloaded the ebook. 

Judi is a new teacher who drives an ancient Datsun. It was her father’s car, and about the only thing he left when he died. The car spends more time hooked to the tow truck than it does on the road, but she can’t give it up. Plus, she doesn’t have money for a new car. 

The local mechanic has given up on the car. He suggests Bryce Halloway. Halloway’s own a tractor repair shop. That’s where she should go to get her foreign car fixed? 

With no other choices, Judi has the tow truck deliver her car to Halloway’s. Bryce fixes tractors because it’s the family business. What he secretly wants to do is work on sports cars, and race. He’s a little bitter because he knows he will be stuck with tractors for the rest of his life. 

Bryce also doesn’t want to settle down. He makes a practice of only dating a girl once. But fixing Judi’s car isn’t a date, right? Helping her learn to drive a clunker for the local demolition derby isn’t a date, right? By the time they have an official “first date”, they’re both feeling more than they want to. But the road to romance never runs smoothly, in books or in real life.  

I did enjoy this story, in spite of it being a romance. Judi and Bryce are interesting characters, as are the supporting characters. Vaughn has written several books set in the same small town, and many of the supporting cast show up in other stories. They made me smile.

I just might have to buy another (gulp) romance novel one of these days. One by Joselyn Vaughn, that is.

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